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About This PHP Science Labs Wiki Site

There is NOT any spam, malware, adware or ads on this Wiki site.

This site began as a private extension and repository site to test and store some science, math and astronomy programs I wrote in PHP before releasing them on the Internet.   Since quite a few people expressed an interest in some of the programs over the past 22 years at my NeoProgrammics site, I decided to collect much of that work at a single location to more easily organize and share it with others of similar scientific and programming interests, especially students of the subjects.

The links point to programs in a public domain PHP software and source code collection on this web site.
Some of the programs are old, dating back their origins in PHP 5 and updated to maintain upward compatibility.

FOCUS:  Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, General Science, Math and Science Programming in PHP (With a tiny bit of Java Script).

Jay Tanner - Site Admin

Jay-T  ât  PHPScienceLabs • com

PROGRAMS  INDEX - A General Listing of Currently Available Programs

Download PHP Science Labs Source Code - PHP Source Code For Most of the Programs Found Here - Public Domain.

Some Useful PHP Functions Source Code For Astronomy and Science - In Progress …


Lunar Hemispheric Phase Explorers-HD Edition For Large Monitors
A virtual space telescope for larger monitors to view the entire moon at any relative phase from above four hemispheres (Near, Far, East and West hemispheres) in HD detail.

A freeware lunar surface rendering program script for use with the free, open-source POV-Ray ray-tracing sofware. LUNEX is the program that rendered all of the lunar phase images used in the Lunar Hemispheric Phase Explorers - HD Edition program mentioned above.

This program computes the dynamical latitude coordinates of the Arctic and Antarctic circles over the 10,000 year span from 3000 BC to 7000 AD.
Obliquity of the Ecliptic and Latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles Calculator

The VSOP87 Semi-Analytical Theory of Planetary Motion
About the VSOP87 Theory
VSOP87 - Equations Summary - Part 1 - Heliocentric Rectangular (X,Y,Z) Coordinates
VSOP87 - Equations Summary - Part 2 - Heliocentric Spherical (L,B,R) Coordinates
Multi-Language VSOP87 Source Code Generator Tool**

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