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PHP Astronomy and General Science Programs (v7.4.9) and Some Astronomical Tables

Computed by Jay Tanner

FOCUS:  Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, General Science, Math and Science Programming in PHP.
Each program attempts to open in its own tab. To exit a program, simply close its tab.

Many of the calculators are based on the NASA / JPL DE405 ephemeris model, used for several years as the basis of the Astronomical Almanac published by the US Naval Observatory. It is not entirely obsolete, as it gives reliable computations for several years past and into the future.

Some of the more recent calculators are based on the new JPL Horizons API and subject to its availability.

Obliquity of the Ecliptic and Latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles Calculator
Original Laskar Paper Used as the Basis of the Ecliptic Obliquity Calculator Above

Calendrical Date/Time Computations

VSOP87 Theory

NASA/JPL DE405 Ephemeris Computations

NASA/JPL Horizons API-Based Computations

Lunar Ephemeris Computations, Phase Image Sets and Lunar Phase and Craters Reference Tables

U.S. Naval Observatory Asteroid Ephemeris Computations

Some Special Math Tools

Randomizing Tools


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